2 Year Old Girl With Beautiful Blue Eyes Tagged A Witch In Ghana


She is a beautiful normal 2 year old, nothing more

A beautiful 2 year old Ghanaian girl goes viral on social media with photos of her blue colored eyes. The growing baby has blue eyeballs and the belief of Africans is that we only have black and brown eyes.

However, the girl’s bluish eyes is traced to a rare condition called Waardenberg Syndrome (WS).

Her condition has been tagged which craft and a curse but that is not the issue here.

Wardenburg Syndromes (WS), is a deficiency that can be inherited from parents. It is a very rare deficiency that happens once in every 42,000 births.

Afi Antonio who discovered the girl said she attracts attention whenever she steps out, i mean thoses eyes are hard to miss.

As her condition has been tagged as sickness, they are begging the public to help raise funds to treat her.

See pictures:



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