BB Naija: Khloe And Alex Fight Dirty Over Leo


Khloe and Alex are now rivals people, we kinda saw it coming

Khloe is fighting Alex over Leo? should that be happening?  During nominations yesterday, Biggie placed all of them for possible eviction.

The now head of house, Khloe had the veto power to save a pair, and she chose to save Leolex which is short for (Leo and Alex).

Khloe and K-Brule however started fighting over a drink minutes later and Khloe being a no nonsense person, shouted at KBrule.

Alex stood up for KBrule, and cautioned Khloe on her choice of words while speaking with Kbrule.

Curse turned to exchange of words, so Khloe threatened to “Beat Alex to death”. Alex however won the argument leaving Khloe to get the cigarette chills.


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