Music Review: Brymo Displays His Wizardary, Oṣó


Oṣó is Brymo latest body of work and even though he is a popular music personality for his works of the good, old days especially while at Chocolate City before the fallout. Oso is a wonderful music masterpiece that I do not expect to break through the mainstream owing to the Nigeria music structure and composition. No wonder the amazing lad could not get anyone to feature on his track as he feels there is no one to fit into his kind of musical artistry and uniqueness. As we journey through the tracklist of Oṣó, then we can make a reasonable judgement of the latest album he released not too long. By the way, Oṣó is a Yoruba word that means ‘the wizard’. Brymo is at it again, he is an artiste controversial yet, witty and intelligent. The album cover is the face of a black cat whose eyes are fully wide-open focuses on whoever is looking straight at it. It is beautiful yet, dreadful. The black cat bears a lot of diverse symbolism, which can be good and/or bad. I personally have a mixed feeling about it and am sure that is Brymo’s aim. We are not here for mythology and symbolism. Therefore, let’s delve into the inside of the ‘black cat’ cover.

Track 1: No Be Me
This one is so heartbreaking. It unravels a world that was and which we create. It is a world created out of greed and quest for power. No one wants to be responsible for the downfall of the world yet our action shapes the reality. The instrument is solemn and reflective in tune with the message and tone. Our world is a result of our doing and neither the powerful nor the poor wants to be responsible to instigate the change.

Track 2: Mama
Another heart-breaking one, it is a child to mother expression of the anguish of a struggling man in an untruthful society that has celebrated the wicked over the just. The young man wonders how he will succeed in a world where his father could not make much meaning. The agony becomes real with the effect of strings.

Track 3: Heya
People appear to be minding their business but in reality, they are disregarding the need to face the truth. We are suffering and yet we act as if we are fine with it. We try as much as possible to evade our problems turning to things that will only give us temporary satisfaction instead of seeking permanent solutions. It is a sad situation because time waits for no man and time is of the essence. What a pity! ‘Heya’ is perfectly expressive of what has become and what will become of us. We live in an age where love is extinction, there is a need to look inward and correct the man in the mirror.

Track 4: Patience and Goodluck
A reminder of the previous First Lady and President of Nigeria, perfect blend and symbol for love, ain’t it? The soft but hard-core love song that compares patience and good luck to hair and skin. Love is not a child play that anyone can rush in and rush out. It is hard work and has its own pain. There will be times when it feels like there is nothing at all and there are no sparks any longer. Work towards it and with time, sparks will fly. Commitment is a major key in bad and bore times. It will keep us going.

Track 5: God Is In Your Mind
This track is quite deep, talking about self-confidence and the thirst to want to make mistakes and learn from them. He tries to explain the dependency of man on the other thereby concluding that no man is superior to the other and no man should be the yardstick to judge others because every man make mistakes and all men need direction.

Track 6: Time Is So Kind
. We are all product of our experience and environment. We came to this life like every other person, each one doing his or her own thing. We are all independent being that deserves to find out his purpose by himself. We really do not know what it is really; we might just be like the other person if we were in the person’s shoes. What more can I say about this track? A good thought at the content of this track with the sounds of pipes and the lead guitar takes you on an agnostic’s path.

Track 7: Entropy
He employed imagery to bring to fore memories of his woman, a being he described as someone who carried too much weight for love. Although he sees himself as the opposite of who his woman wants him to be and does not think he can attain the height she wants him to. Thus qualified his life as an entropy. A disorder…an unbalanced life.

Track 8: Money Launderers and Heart Breakers
Just like Ecclesiastes in the Bible, he sees the whole world as vanity and temporary. Even after enjoying all the pleasures and the acceptance that comes with affluence the world has to offer, he laments in disappointment and considers himself a money launder.

Track 9: Ọlánrewájú
Ọlánrewájú represents the character of a son in this track. His father warns him of bad influence and emphasis on patience and good character. He concluded by telling him that the just will eventually excel even in the midst of the wicked. Everyone will die, but our deeds will live even after our demise.

Track 10: Olúmọ
This is another Yoruba song and he goes very traditional on this one. He takes us on the journey of a Yoruba village man taking on an epic journey and sending his regards to his people. He tries to eulogies great men that have crossed his path and contributed to his success.

Track 11: Bá’núsọ
Bá’núsọ means consulting and trusting in yourself rather than relying on other people to help you solve your problem. The piece delivered in Yoruba language warns one to heed warnings and be discreet when it comes to sensitive issues concluding that you can never really know who your true friends are.

Oṣó is an album that will outlive this time and will be a referral for moderacy in an age of rascality, fast life and disorder. It embodies deep lyricism and relative sound and instrumental in tune with message passed in the song. It seems Brymo just can’t do wrong. He has delivered again as usual. It is a 5 star rated album without a doubt and surely belongs to the Nigerian Alternative genre.

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