I’m Done With You….Shatta Wale


“Shatta Michy Slapped Me In The Presence Of Her Mother” Shatta Wale

No more Shatta Michy

Shatta Wale has announced on social media that “he is done with Shatta Michy”.

This is coming up after Michy posted a photo showing a bruise on her head which she says was caused by Shatta Wale.

Although, according to Wale, Michy chased him around with a knife, and now she’s threatening to expose him.

However, in a recent post,Shatta Michy wrote:

“From a one corner ghetto to 2 houses . Shall we all know how the second one came about? God hates ungrateful people. Accept your faults, or accept that u have a problem and seek help.”

It seems as if Michy may have something she wants to tell the whole world.


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