Isn’t Olamide’s Science Student Highly Infectious?

Is not it just the start of the year and the Nigerian entertainment scene is having it real hot. Olamide Baddo is dishing it big time to the street. Science Student is the biggest sh#t at the moment; viral, infectious and yet, causing a lot of controversies.

The content and the intent of the song isn’t just good but clear. If you want to tame a monkey, you might have to do with bananas, which make the job easier. The lyricism of Science Student is highly witty, humorous and slanging, much of it in Yoruba.

Just thinking, has there ever been a time that we ever had so much openness and awareness on drug abuse? Before we can address a problem, we need to acknowledge the problem. Some people and a generation don’t just get it, this is Afro-pop. It is somewhat an extension of hip-hop. A form of this genre of music is it brutal sincerity of depicting a state of an element in it ‘realest’ form, no sugarcoating (somewhat lacking euphemism).

You want to talk about sex and take a BJ off the scheme might work for older generations, not for the younger ones.  So what’s the hypocrisy about addressing drug abuse and not knowing fully well about how it is done? It shouldn’t hurt that someone knows and you don’t and should make the former accuse the latter of propagating.

Wait, you want to tell me you don’t know about tramadol and codeine, how it is mixed with sprite. Well, we shouldn’t let our sentiment influence our judgement, we should look into a problem with a core purpose of addressing it right. These days you can hardly come straight with elderly people, you just must be indulging. It is so bad that younger people these days can’t find older people to confide in and talk with.


Big ups to Olamide, you are the first hit wonder of the year. 2018 has started and Science student is as viral as if it were December again in January. Everyone is dancing shaku shaku and shaku shaku best fits into Science Student. Shaku shaku is the rave, the wave and trend of the moment and experimenting it to make a song that addresses drug abuse, which has never had this reach of awareness, is awesome and a major plus to his artistry. Now that’s the voice of the street. Science Student has made 2018 unforgettable already.


Say No To Drugs, nab e.

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