Tanzania’s Social Media And Blogging Regulations To Take Effect


Tanzania’s Social Media And Blogging Regulations To Take Effect.

Tanzania’s social media and blogging license regulations shuts down popular East African whistle blower website, Jamii Forums.

The law mandates bloggers, pod casters, online radio, and YouTube personalities to apply for blogging licenses from the TCRA.

The statement on the site, originally written in Swahili, translates to:

“Due to the notice issued by the Tanzania Telecommunication Authority (TCRA) today, June 10, 2018, which offers us a only a short time to stop service delivery immediately before June 11, 2018, we must comply with the mandate and therefore this service will not be temporarily unavailable while we make efforts to ensure that the service returns.

The TCRA notification content is available here: https://goo.gl/6tnBhR

We are sorry that this was sudden, but we hope that our customers will continue to be tolerant during this period.

Management – JamiiForums”

This means to run something as simple as a personal blog (text) in Tanzania, you need (approximately) $900 (N324,000) in license fees.

phones, and failure to have this will result in a fine of more than 5 million Tanzanian Shillings
(approximately $2,000, N720,000) or even 12 months imprisonment, or both depending on what the court decides.

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