Toby Grey: Singer Says She Cannot Date A Guy Earning Just 200 Thousand Naira


Tobi Grey is not materialistic, she is just being real

Nigerian singer, Tobi Grey has criteria’s a man has to meet before she can settle down and earning 200,000 Naira will not make the cut.

Apparently, the question of her getting married to someone earning that amount was thrown at her and her reply goes thus:

Well, yeah if that’s not his only business.*winks.

if we are going to end up getting married, then that’s not good enough, I’m so sorry, I’m not materialistic but this is just reality, it’s the fact, I mean if we are going to have like 10 kids your 200,000 won’t cut it, so no! Except you have other businesses.

The beautiful lady also admits to kissing a man with mouth odour . According to her, she would do it again instead of walking out on a music deal.


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